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How to Talk With Your Dog

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Maia Kincaid PhD

Learn 3 Secrets to Telepathic Communication With Your Dog FREE!

My 3 Simple Secrets have made animal lovers like you instantly able to have two-way dialog with their dogs. And, they were able to use these secrets to get started talking telepathically with dogs in less than 10 minutes.

Secret #1

Learn how to quickly and easily initiate telepathic communication with your dog.

Secret #2

Learn how to differentiate when your dog is talking versus hearing your own thoughts.

Secret #3

Learn how to ask your dog direct questions about diet, wellbeing, activities, and training.


Cindie Carter

Cynthia Carter, better known as Cindie, was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. Cindie is the mind behind Walks and Wags Inc., as well as the Social Dog podcast.

Cindie was adopted and raised in New Orleans, along with her older brother. By the age of ten, she had a huge passion for dogs and all animals. As early as she can remember, she’d spend as much time with animals as possible. Cindie kept her eyes on a career helping dogs and animals.

She started out in the automotive business where she raced cars, managed an automotive service center, and assisted in starting up a grass roots custom wheel business. At this point in her life, animals were still a passion, and not a career. That was until 1991, when she started Walks and Wags in New Orleans, Louisiana, a business which began as a pet sitting, training, and walking service. The business stayed a “side gig” until 2002, where she left the automotive industry to take on her lifetime dream full time. Unfortunately, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina forced her, her husband, and her son to evacuate and relocate to Mobile, Alabama.

Starting over was difficult, especially with the added burden of having to find a home, restart the business, while raising their son but by 2009, the business was growing once more. Thanks to hard work and persistence, Walks and Wags was able to grow into a successful business where hundreds of clients could leave their dogs knowing that they were in trusted, caring hands. Cindie also was a member of the Women’s Business Center Alliance and the Mobile Chamber of Commerce. She also serves on the Mobile County Animal Shelter Board, fosters adoptable dogs, and serves on the Emerging Leaders Advisory Board.

Cindie started the Social Dog Examiner podcast in 2013, but the project was halted after some health issues. Her focus has always been her family and her business for quite some time. The Social Dog Examiner became little more than a memory, but all that changed during the beginning or 2018. After years of expanding and rebuilding both personally and professionally, Cindie was inspired to take action and get Social Dog Examiner back on track. Social Dog is now proud to be a part of InFlowRadio , and co-creating a better life for dogs with love and compassion.

A lifelong trailblazer Cindie’s Walks and Wags was the first dog daycare in southern Alabama. Likewise, she started a first of its kind dog therapy program for underprivileged children ranging from 8yrs-18 yrs old. The program teaches them Dog Language and assists in placing these children into homes that already have a dog. Cindie’s passion for animals and people is immediately recognizable. Her work has helped effect and change countless lives who have worked with, interacted with, and experienced her passion for dogs and animals.


Dr. Maia Kincaid PhD

My name is Maia Kincaid and I’m so happy you are here.

I have been talking with animals my entire life. People always told me I had a gift with animals because I often knew what would help them and how to be with them in ways they appreciated. I didn’t realize it was possible to actually have two-way conversations with animals until one afternoon I had a light bulb moment which forever changed the direction of my life. To my amazement and joy I discovered I could easily converse with animals just like talking with a fellow human being. I realized the animals had been talking with me all along and I had heard them I just didn’t know it.

I am a pioneer in the field of clairvoyant creature correspondence with more than 23 years experience working with understudies and customers around the world. I am the author of six books on clairvoyant creature and nature correspondence. I am the organizer of the Sedona International School for Animal and Nature Communication at;

My enthusiasm is for individual people to acknowledge how basic, clear and easy it is to discuss clairvoyantly with their creature relatives and creatures around the globe. I accept that everybody has the normal capacity to discuss clairvoyantly with creatures.

Today I am known around the world as a pioneer in the field of telepathic animal communication.

Based on everything I have learned talking with animals and teaching animal communication since 1997: I know you can easily have two-way conversations with animals too!

Telepathic Animal Communication makes it possible to dialog back and forth with animals on any topic, including:



Maia has taught Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication workshops in Japan, India, Switzerland, New York City and Sedona, Arizona. She teaches web classes weekly to students worldwide.Join Maia for this very special Web Class. Learn how to have direct two-way communication with dogs about:

…. and much, much more!

From the students who took a one hour long class by teleconference:

You have no idea for how long I have been praying for this to happen, and I am so very grateful to you that you invited me to participate in this course.

Yasmina Schwab VA, USA

Thank you so much for such an incredible, life-changing adventure!! I am so very grateful to and for you!!” With such love, admiration and appreciation for you.

Shelley Motley CA, USA.

Hi Maia, it’s been so great to share this journey with you! It’s so rewarding to know I am really helping people and the animals! I would never have done it without you, I am eternally grateful.

Wendy Leer OR, USA.

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Learn dog communication tips from Maia Kincaid Ph.D. a pioneer in the field of telepathic animal communication, world renowned animal communicator, author, and founder of the Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication.

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