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We are sharing some of favorite products with you here. We have used these products or have been introduced to these from our podcast guests.

We strive to provide high-quality THC-Free organically grown Cannabidiol (CBD) products including our innovative and proprietary hemp pellets for horses, hemp-derived CBD oil for dogs, pets and horses, and our soon to be famous CBD dog treats. Our CBD is hand-selected from US farms and undergoes quality testing and inspection to ensure it meets our propriety standards for quality. Our nutritional supplements and related products help alleviate the anxiety, muscle and joint pain, and inflammation your pet experiences: and CBD oil has gained traction among pet owners as an alternative and natural way to manage pet seizures and arthritis pain. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to help make your pet happy.

Better Bowl™ is a “just add water” instant homemade meal for dogs.

With a 100% natural raw blend of proteins, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats, Better Bowl™ meals deliver the full-spectrum nutrition dog owners look for in made-from-scratch meals, yet are as easy and convenient to serve as the conventional processed meal options!

Our products are safe and natural, without the side effects common to other medications.

As mentioned on the podcast with Victory Hulett. This is a great tool to stop barking behaviors. It is also a great tool to use when walking your dog and you are approached by an aggressive dog.


JC TONIC cures absolutely nothing!!

WHAT IT DOES DO, is that it has the capacity to regulate and balance the body so that once again the body can keep itself in good repair, which is what a healthy body does all day long. It does so in 5 ways

  1. JC TONIC is an alkaline solution…it has a pH of between 7.2 and 7.3 which the developer of this magnificent formula, Carl Jurak, deemed sufficient alkalinity to keep our bodies in an alkaline state. The reason to do this is that most diseases thrive in an acidic medium…cancer does…Candida does…and just about all the rest, and the reason America is the sickest country on the planet has a great deal to do with the fact that everyone’s body is far too acid…but no wonder…look at the trashy food served up to us…both the fast food joints and the prepared junk we are CONvinced to buy at the food store. And we have no idea what is being served to us in restaurants other than lots of chemicals to make it taste “good”…and it is all acidic!
  2. Through its ability to detoxify, purify and oxygenate the blood, that “new” blood is able to do its job once again…the job of removing toxins and debris from our system as well as being able to restore the blood’s important role of the uptake of nutrients…even if the food we eat lacks the full spectrum of needed nutrients, at least this cleaned up blood supply will be able to deliver whatever nutrients that are available. As it is now, most people’s blood is like a sewage system…full of grease, toxins, bacteria and on and on. Go and have a “live blood” workup done and see for yourself. The simple explanation of the study of hematology is understanding that blood is tissue that flows throughout the entire body. It’s importance is that it carries nutrients and oxygen to every part of the body while carrying waste products back to the lungs, liver and kidneys to be disposed of. Blood is necessary for temperature and fluid balance, the immune system, hydraulic fluid for certain body functions and a passage for hormonal messages.
  3. The composition of the JC TONIC is based on the 18 “tonic” herbs that together, in various combinations with each other, go to the balancing of EVERY system of the body…the cardio-vascular; the nervous system; the reproductive system; the immune system and so on. ALL systems come under this influence so that eventually they are in harmony one with the other and together all your systems are then able to return the body to a state of homeostasis (balance) again, (our systems were “invented” to be in balance) and hence keep your body in good repair or even correct whatever health challenges may exist
  4. The vital minerals contained in JC TONIC are the building blocks of the human system and each one of them has an extremely important role to deliver the correct amounts to the body as it begins to overcome its weaknesses and what is important to note is that, once again, the developer, Carl Jurak, chose mineral combinations that not only are important but they are also able to be absorbed by the body so that what is there is able to be used in totality.
  5. The last important effect JC TONIC has on the body is that it has a strong electro-magnetic field that actually balances the meridians of the body (that is the principal of acupuncture)…and that field has to be intact just as an electric motor or telephone wave lengths or any other electro-magnetic force has to be in order to have a well- functioning system.


By the time you finish your first bottle you will be saying that JC TONIC is "THE CHEAPEST HEALTH INSURANCE IN THE WORLD."