In our sixth episode of our Social Dog Show podcast, we spoke with Kathleen Prasad.

Kathleen’s is an Animal Reiki teacher internationally known for her pioneering work in the field of Animal Reiki. She founded Animal Reiki Source® (ARS) in 2004, which has grown from a small Animal Reiki private practice into a world-renowned teaching academy and the foremost center for Animal Reiki information.During the past decade, Kathleen’s work with ARS and SARA has grown remarkably and their programs have become more and more influential in both the U.S. and internationally. Thousands of animal lovers have trained through ARS in Reiki and SARA has over 400 members volunteering and teaching Reiki using Kathleen’s groundbreaking Let Animals Lead™ method in shelters and sanctuaries around the world.

In this Podcast, we talked to Kathleen about reiki for Dogs. Reiki is Japanese for “Spiritual energy”, meaning your inner being; your essence. The system of Reiki is a meditation system that helps us to uncover our inner beauty and inner light that we all have. Kathleen explains that she actually discovered Reiki on accident when her mother recommended it to her. She says that her first Reiki session was so peaceful and healing that she felt like it was the key to her own personal healing journey, but soon, her dog Dakota began laying across her feet, which he never did, causing her to realize that the Reiki sessions were helping him too! This was the beginning of her new career as a Reiki for animals teacher.

Over the years, as her passion grew, she has travelled all over the world spreading her knowledge to dog shelters and other dogs.               The reason she chose shelter dogs is because they need it most. When a shelter dog is very stressed, perhaps because they’ve been through trauma or abuse, it’s very difficult for them to express or show who they really are. The meditation practice of Animal Reiki helps those animals to relax and show their true selves, and allow their inner light to shine. This causes us to be able to be present with an animal instead of running from the situation when they’re stressed or down. Animal Reiki also lets us share kindness and compassion, because it helps us to let go of our anger, frustration, and fears. Since we radiate our feelings into our dogs, they can step in and help heal us while also healing them. As a result of this, in shelters, the caretakers also benefit from Animal Reiki! This also allows sheltered animals to be adopted more because their inner light shows instead of pain or fear. 
Keep in mind, you and your pets can do Reiki anytime, not just when your hurt, and not just when you’re happy. Kathleen also shares with us that, a number of years back, her young dog actually discovered a cancer that had taken place, and showed Kathleen by one day trying to dig on her chest, and when Kathleen felt where the dog had done it, she felt the tumor, and was able to have it removed before it could spread.

Kathleen graciously shared a brief ten minute amazing meditation to share with our pets.
It was fantastic.( I’ve personally tried it with a room of 23 dogs with my staff and had every dog relaxed. I tried it again by myself with 15 dogs, same jaw dropping results.I never tried this before, have no experience with reiki. I’m so impressed, I’ve implemented a policy at our dog daycare, we take ten minutes before nap time to practice this simple ten minute meditation and just be with the dogs. ) 

I was ready to talk more with Kathleen and get all the info I could before our time was up.  Kathleen soon explains that the most powerful healing that we can offer to our dog is our presence. When our dogs are sick, we often tend to panic, doing things such as calling vets and frantically searching for medication, which draws us away from just being with our pets. 
We decided to ask Kathleen to share one of her favorite Animal Reiki experiences, she told us of a story about when she went to the Devoted Barn in Michigan last spring, which has over 50 feral dogs. On the first day they went, the dogs were scared of the group of people. On the second day, however, after the group really let go and opened up to their Reiki, the dogs actually accepted them and went to sleep! The barn went quiet, which the owner said she had never heard before. This was proof that Animal Reiki worked, and was also one of the most amazing experiences Kathleen has had during he career.
Kathleen has in person courses this summer in California. She also has a class calendar and online meditations on her website:
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