#62 Why the Animal Welfare Act Isn’t Working

#62 Why the Animal Welfare Act Isn’t Working The idea of treating animals fairly didn’t somehow magically pop into policymaker’s minds in 1966, but that’s when we see the original Animal Welfare Act (AWA) passed by the United States government. Like many social justice initiatives, the work to pass the AWA started long before 1966, […]

#61 Understanding Your Dog’s Emotions Through Canine Flow

It’s safe to say most dog owners know that there’s more than meets the eye to their canine companion. From time to time, we all ponder the extent to which our dogs understand us. We know, thanks to researchers and specialists, that the depths of a dog’s mind and soul go deeper than simple comprehension […]

#60: Giving Back to Animals and the A Guardian Angel Foundation

              It’s probable that most people would argue that animals deserve kindness, care, and love. Unfortunately, some fail to provide this to their pets, and the effects can be quite detrimental to the lives of many animals all over the United States. In a lot of low-income areas, some […]

#58 Xylitol Poisoning in Dogs More Than Doubled in 7 Years

#58 Xylitol Poisoning in Dogs More Than Doubled in 7 Years As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to know what could cause harm to your pet. It’s easy to avoid giving your dog food that’s bad for its heart or body, but accidents can happen. In that case, it comes down to what you […]

Austin Pet’s Alive Shelter of the month

Episode #37: “Shelter of the Month” Austin Pets Alive By Elizabeth Lefelstein In episode #37 of The Social Dog podcast, our host Cindie Carter brings on Katera Berent – Communications & Events Manager at Austin Pets Alive (APA) – in our first installment of our “Shelter of the Month” series. Based in Austin Texas, the […]

Everyone Has The Ability To Communicate With Animals-Even You with Dr Maia Kincaid

Everyone Has the Ability to Communicate with Animals – Even You! By: Ballie Ward On a recent episode of the Social Dog podcast, we were joined by animal communication expert Dr. Maia Kincaid, a pioneer in the field of telepathic animal & nature communication. Maia came onto the show with an exciting claim: that everyone […]