Harmful Behaviors That Might Be Affecting Your Dog
Harmful Behaviors That Might Be Affecting Your Dog

#63 – Are You Doing the Basics Right? General Harmful Behaviors That Might Be Affecting Your Dog

Caring for a dog is a bit of a learning curve. If you’re a first time dog owner, there are quite a few things you might not consider before bringing your four-legged friend home. A favorite example to point out to non-dog owners or the new dog-parents is the concept of teeth care. Wait; caring for your dog’s teeth? You can’t mean brushing right? Oh, that’s right: brushing a dog’s teeth is essential to their general wellness and health. This, and a number of other dog basics are often overlooked. If you’re a dog owner, no matter how long you’ve had a dog in your life, it’s worth reviewing the dog care basics.

General Wellness Tips for Your Dog – Do You Harm Your Dog Without Knowing It?

The things that people love about dogs are usually human-serving. Things like a friendly face when you come home make a dog seem like an appealing addition to your life. What about the time the dog spends on its own during the day? Or, how about preventative medications to keep your dog healthy? Like humans, dogs require a certain level of regular care to upkeep their health. A number of dog owners know the basics: food, water, and walks. Even walks, however, can be something quite troubling when owners do not know the proper way to fit a dog’s collar.

Areas of Focus for Dog Owners Old and New

Everything from a harness to the crate in which you keep your dog during the day might seem artificial, but proper care for dogs is in the details. The number of dog owners who fail to accept that they have learning to do is astounding. It’s not wrong to admit you’ve lacked in one area of care for your dog, and then adjust your practices. What’s wrong is not looking into how you can be better treating and serving your canine companion. Better yet, you might need to review some basics to ensure your dog is in its best care and condition. How can you go about doing that?

A Conversation on Harmful Things to Avoid with Your Dog

A great place to start reviewing the best practices for your dog’s well being is this podcast. In episode 63, Cindie and Marilyn talk about everything owners overlook, from canine hygiene to the best ways to avoid things like worms, accidental choking, and more. If you truly want the best for your dog, you owe it to them to take time to listen for things you might be able to improve upon! Check out the latest episode of Social Dog right here!


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