In our fifth podcast of Social Dog Show, we interview Albert Duoibes, founder of Vetionx and Better Bowl meals. We enjoyed listening to Albert’s advice from VETiONX. In this interview, Albert talks about dog shampoos, dog food, diet, and homemade cooking, so you can get all the insights on how to keep your four legged furry friend happy and healthy.

GUEST: Albert Duoibes GUEST BIO: VETiONX® was founded in 2006 by Albert Duoibes. Albert was quoted in Animal Wellness magazine’s August/September 2010 issue: “We know animals suffer from many of the same degenerative diseases as we do. So we thought, why don’t we have the same support for animals?”

Just when you think you know what a healthy meal for a dog would be, Albert explains that most of the time, his customers come to him with concerns about their dog having certain joint or skin conditions, and that the first thing to do is look at the dog’s environment, food, and diet that they’re used to. Albert goes on to recommend raw diets, and also states that he has been working on a solution to give dogs the vitamins and nutrients found in vegetables without having to use heat cooking. Did you know, this is important because, being true carnivores, dogs lack the digestive enzymes required to break past plant cell walls and extract its nutrients. It is revealed that the main ingredient in Better Bowl is animal proteins, and that, instead of having the animal proteins directly in the patties, they separate them into dehydrated packets so that the owner can add them at his or her own will. Better Bowl offers a egg & veggie dehydrated raw meal patty

The next main topic we spoke of is hydration. When dogs get older,  their bladders get smaller, causing them to more frequently need to go to the bathroom, but at the same time, their skin can get dry because they don’t get as much water from what they eat and drink due to them doing so less. Albert’s solution for his pet was to start giving your pet wet dog food. ( NO to canned wet dog food, due to preservatives, if its canned, its full of preservatives) and making sure that they are drinking enough water, and Albert says that it has worked like a charm. Hydration is very important for many things, including blood, skin, and, as a result, overall health, so it’s important be attentive to your dog’s hydration, especially once they start getting older.

Albert says: always, always moist wet food is a good choice for animals dealing with allergies! The amount of water helps with allergenic because the amount of water and the nutrients are distracted by the water and helps drive the nutrients to your pets system faster.

The next major topic we talked about, and a very interesting one for me, is anti pest bath products. Albert explains that cedar from cedar trees is actually a natural pest repellent, often being used by many animals in the wild, and that he and the people at Vetionx have based their sprays, soap bars, and shampoos on this fact by adding Texas red cedar oil with a touch of rosemary, making a healthy and natural flee and pest medication.Before we wrap up this blog, I’d like to inform you that there is a discount code for the Better Bowl so you can buy two get one free on all their pet foods and treats! Simply enter the code “Cindie” at

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I would never recommend anything that I did not 100% believe in!  Lots of love, Cindie

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