#59: Dr. Cara Gubbins Inspiring Us to Connect to Animals, Nature and Spirit







As a dog owner, it goes without saying that we wish to be connected to our pets. In many cases, pets doesn’t even feel like the right word. Our dogs are family, and in many ways, help us through some of our happiest and most difficult times. There is something about the presence of a dog, or any animal for that matter, that calms humans. Some feel that the connection between humans and animals is spiritual, and Dr. Cara Gubbins works endlessly to explore that spiritual connection.

Connecting with Animals and Caring for the Spirit

Consider the role an emotional support animal plays in someone’s life. The animal does not simply cheer someone up; the animal calms, natures, and inspires their human to a better version of themselves. Dr. Cara Gubbins, guest of today’s episode, guides humans through the spiritual experience of communicating with animals.

A huge focus of Cara’s work is the gap between the body and the spirit. On a daily basis, we’re worried about things like bills, social plans, and even just finding the energy to carry on through the day. Through research and studies, Dr. Gubbins arrived at a conclusion that presented itself in a number of other works: animals have healing properties for the soul of humans. Bonding and connecting with an animal is one of the most pure sense of calm and connectedness we can feel. How is this possible? It comes down to animal communication.

Animal Intuition and Healing through Animals

Dr. Gubbins focuses on a lot of healing, spiritual growth processes in her work, but one area in particular focuses on animals and their ability to help us evolve. As an Intuitive and Pet Medium, Cara works to build a space for communication between pets and their humans.

Many pet owners would argue that their bond with their dog, cat, or other animal is more than an owner/pet relationship. Through her work, Dr. Gubbins not only provides channels through which humans can connect and communicate with their pets, but also use that bond to strengthen their individual willpower and drive.

Can I Work on Communication with my Pet from Home?

Twice annually, Cara leads online courses in living intuitively with pets. This isn’t just getting to know what your pet needs or wants. The process is about building inner guidance through the healing and spiritual properties of bonding with an animal. If you’re someone who knows something is holding them back, whether it be past trauma or fear of the future, then this course is for you.

Listen to the episode with Cindie and Dr. Cara Gubbins for insights on animal communication and Cara’s work. If you’ve never been quite able to explain the connection between you and your pet, this episode might answer some important questions for you. Plus, you can see how different techniques in Cara’s work contribute to better experiences with stress, anxiety, and day-to-day troubles.

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