Everyone Has The Ability To Communicate With Animals-Even You with Dr Maia Kincaid

Everyone Has the Ability to Communicate with Animals – Even You!

By: Ballie Ward

On a recent episode of the Social Dog podcast, we were joined by animal communication expert Dr. Maia Kincaid, a pioneer in the field of telepathic animal & nature communication. Maia came onto the show with an exciting claim: that everyone in the world, regardless of who they are, has the ability to communicate with animals.

Not only can we all communicate with animals, but it’s actually quite an easy process. Maia clarified that telepathic communication with animals doesn’t require any special powers or genetic trait. In fact, Maia has over two decades of experience working with students and clients worldwide teaching them about this very thing!

Before I jump in to teach you how you can communicate with your own furry friends, it’s important to define what Telepathic Animal Communication actually is.

It’s actually quite simple – Telepathic Animal Communication is communication with an animal that doesn’t require verbal or physical communication. In fact, you don’t even have to be there in person with them.

Similar to talking to someone on the phone, Maia teaches people how to communicate and receive feedback with animals with nothing more than the heart, mind, body, and spirit.

What can you talk to animals about? Well, the options are pretty limitless. Just as humans share opinions, feelings, and chat about their day, animals can be quite similar. Your pets may be able to ask you about an activity they particularly enjoy (like running outside!), tell you about something that’s upsetting them, ask about their food, or provide general feelings or wishes on day to day life.

Or, they may even give suggestions about how you can be a better pet parent. Really, the choice is yours – and theirs. It’s whatever you find of interest or importance.

While you’re conversations with your pets won’t happen verbally, there are still clear signs that will let you know what they’re thinking and feeling. You’ll receive the information through your own senses – for instance, you may hear them talking in your head, or have a sudden and clear feeling that you know what is true for them. It’s also possible you might see images of something they’re thinking or feeling. For instance, if your dog is in pain, you may receive a clear image of where on their body they’re experiencing pain.

The benefits of learning how to communicate with your pets are pretty limitless as well. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to have a dialogue with your pets, it also allows you to better care for them by tapping into their wants and needs and being aware of their concerns or frustrations. Similarly, they can provide their own feedback to you in ways that allow you to better enjoy your own life!

So how do you actually go about initiating communication with your animals? In Maia’s classes, she lets the animals lead – because, as she says, the most important part of talking to your pets is not the talking, but the listening.

Before trying to dive right in and ask your furry friends what they’re feeling, Maia recommends creating a space for yourself where you can clear your mind and take a few breaths, similar to a short meditation. That way your mind isn’t cluttered by outside distractions. Then, when you’re ready, you respectfully address the animal you’d like to talk to and begin the conversation.

If you’re not sure where to even begin with the process, don’t worry – Maia offers a number of trainings (online and in-person) where she’ll teach you how to do this starting in the very first class! She can also communicate with your animals on your behalf if you’re struggling to get in touch with them and you’d like to learn more about what they’re feeling. To learn more about Maia’s services, visit the Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication site.

What would you ask your dog if you learned how to communicate with them? Or, better yet, what do you think they would ask you?

Keep up with the Social Dog podcast to learn even more about your pooch as we interview animal experts and advocates who share valuable insight on our furry friends. Heres a link to this episode, if you want to grab your ear buds. http://traffic.libsyn.com/socialdog/40socialdog022019.mp3

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