#25 – Why Compassion for Animals and People are Crucial to Better World

A great outcome of owning a pet is finding a love for compassion towards all animals.









If you have a pet at home, then you know the joy of animals first hand. Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, being around animals makes most people feel very…something. It’s tough to put a finger on the exact feeling and emotion that a connection to an animal provides humans. What exactly connects humans to animals? The word we might all be looking for is compassion.

Why Humans and People Are So Intertwined

Compassion in the simplest sense of the word is the goal of doing things for others for no reason other than wanting to help or provide something. When we think about our lives with animals, particularly pets, compassion is ingrained in the way we see one another. Pets have compassion for their caretakers greater than some humans have for one another. The latter part of that concept is a bit troubling: if we love pets so much, why don’t we seek out ways to help and serve other humans as well? Animals can teach us this valuable lesson better than anyone.

Finding Compassion Through Animals

A great outcome of owning a pet is finding a love for compassion towards all animals. When you see things about wildfires or natural disasters harming animals, you can almost picture your own pet. The compassion building experience of having a dog or other animal at home builds life skills that help to create a better world.

Consider an operation like Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program. The program targets everyone from Pre-Kindergarten to prisoners and the elderly and seeks ways to make them more compassionate through work with animals and the environment. Seeing the instinctual adoration of a pet when you take care of it or spend quality time with it gets to the very heart of what it means to be human. A world where we look to help others is a world we should all strive for.

Exploring Compassion with Marc Bekoff

Marc Bekoff is an advocate for the Roots & Shoots program, and worked with Goodall to develop a number of programs that teach compassion and love through work for the environment and animal world. In his conversation with Cindie, hear why providing a voice to the voiceless animals of the world improved Marc’s understanding of being human. Plus, find ways in which you might seek out compassion through your relationship with a pet or animal. Listen to the episode right here from inflowradio!


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